Transformation: Katherine’skadence 2015

Katherine’skadence 2015 (by Malibu Moon) was born at Sagamore Farm on March 12, 2015.  He was a very large foal and grew into a very large yearling and two year old. Though sound and happy to train each day, it was decided that given his large size and confirmation, it would be best to not continue training him as we didn’t feel he would do well once training became more rigorous. “Katherine” was never named and so his dam’s name stuck during his time at Sagamore.

“Katherine” was a gentle giant in the barn, with his kind demeanor and sweet personality, we knew he would make a wonderful pet for someone. After plenty of down time turned out with other retired geldings while he continued to grow and mature, we sent him to Nuno Santos for retraining. He was instantly a barn favorite, was a beautiful mover and very kind to work with both on the ground and under saddle. Nuno retrained him slowly with a focus on flat-work and dressage, helping him create a balanced foundation for many years of soundness ahead.

In spring of 2019, Katherine got his forever home and a name of his own, Mason! His new owner heard about him from her friends who own Publishanditerate, his half brother! He has now enjoyed one year of being the most pampered and loved horse of a wonderful woman named Danielle. He loves trail riding, training for the Hunter show ring, eating anything and everything (watermelon, bananas, jelly beans, carrot cake birthday cupcakes), and spending time with his best friend who he is turned out with. Danielle and her trainers have taken their time with him as he was just 4 when he came to them. He has started over fences and even went to his first horse show already, with the perfect show name for a Sagamore horse, Whiskey Business! He looks like he will be a lovely hunter jumper for many years to come! We are so thrilled that he has found such a special home and our team loves all the photos and updates of his new life!

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