Thank you to everyone who submitted names for our 2-year-old colt by Street Boss out of Circleofinfluence. This young horse is now training in Ocala, Florida and will return to Sagamore Farm this spring. We’re excited to get him named and optimistic about his racing career!

Our Sagamore Spirit whiskey-themed name finalists include: Boulevardier, Chill Haze, Master Distiller, and Rickhouse. VOTE NOW for your favorite name!


This classic whiskey cocktail dates back to the late 1920s, and has recently enjoyed a comeback in bars across the US! Our favorite boulevardier cocktail is made with Sagamore Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and campari. Considering this colt’s pedigree, Boulevardier seems like a perfect match for his sire Street Boss too.

Chill Haze:

Chill filtration is a process where impurities are removed from the whiskey before bottling. The process is used by mater distillers to ensure that the whiskey does not get cloudy or hazy when mixed with an ice cube or in a cocktail!

Master Distiller:

This name speaks for itself! The master distiller is captain of the distillery, often the face of the brand. Will this 2YO colt become master on the track?


Arguably the most sacred part of the whiskey process, this is where barrels are stored to age after being filled with the freshly distilled spirit. They tend to be multi-story buildings with shelves to store the barrels. A strong name for the son of Street Boss!

VOTE NOW! Voting will be open to the public until Tuesday, March 21 11:59 pm EST.