Throughout 2017, we have shared stories celebrating the past 10 years since Kevin Plank purchased Sagamore Farm. Carolyn is one of our few teammates who has been there since the very beginning 10 years ago.

She remembers when she first visited the farm just being taken aback by the beauty. She remembers all of the changes during the past decade, especially when the barns were rebuilt and the track was revitalized. “When I came here, there were 19 horses, including 5 mares. Now we have about 100!”

“I have so many good memories here. My earliest memory was my first birthday that I spent at the farm. It was a Wednesday. Kevin happened to be there that day, and surprised me when he carried in my cake to wish me a happy birthday.”

Carolyn spends most of her time at the farm tackling administrative work, but just like the rest of our team, she is always willing to take on any task and help with anything that needs to be accomplished. “The team is like family. I’m so fortunate to work with this group. They would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them.”

“Carolyn is like the team mom – she has a huge heart and such a warm personality. She really makes the farm feel like home and I couldn’t imagine Sagamore without her.”

-Katlyn Lamp, Communications Manager at Sagamore Farm

“I wish I could adequately describe how important Carolyn is to Sagamore Farm and to the Plank Industries group of companies. Nobody has contributed more to our overall mission than Carolyn and she does it with class, grace and determination, every single day.”

-Hunter Rankin, President of Sagamore Farm

Attending races with the team, spring at Sagamore Farm when everything comes back to life, and a Sagamore Spirit cocktail called Ginger N Rye are just a few of Carolyn’s favorite things. More than anything, she loves to hear stories about each of the horses and their personalities. Right now her favorites are Trustmore Lovemore (nicest) and Chubby Star (best story). Debbie always tells amazing stories when it comes to the babies, but the entire team has some great stories about the runners.

“We have a lot of horses with a lot of heart, just like our teammates.”